Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Do I Want To Become A Barber?

There are so many reasons I could give for choosing to learn the trade of barbering, but first let us examine who I am.  I'm 33 and have not gotten a professional haircut since I picked up my first pair of clippers at 12 years old. My reason for doing that is because I enjoy cutting hair and I know how to do it well. The option to go to barber school has crossed my mind for many years but circumstances prohibited me for pursuing the trade. Current circumstances have granted me the chance to make that choice and pursue what I once thought or dreamed will now manifest into a reality. Cutting hair is nearly one of the oldest, most prestigious trades that is still practiced and will continue to be for centuries to come. Not only can you get the latest haircut, you can also catch up on the latest sport and male camaraderie. The question for this essay should not be Why Do I Want to Become A Barber but why not. The trade of barbering is constantly growing and I want to be a part of something that is growing and will be around for a while. The recession has hurt so many jobs and families. This will afford me the opportunity to help take care of mine. I have looked at different avenues but none felt quite as right as my decision to attend Park West Barber College. I want to saturate all knowledge from respected peers in the field I admire. I think in taking this path and pursuing this dream while also learning this trade will have a positive effect on my future. Many people pursue a degree and never do anything with it. Some may never find what they really want to make them happy. Imagine if we all could do something we love. Yes, the world would be a better place but circumstances in life can make that impossibility. Luckily, at this time in my life, circumstances allow me to do something that I would love and could do for years, become a Barber. a dollar sign is the cheesiest

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